Drivers Education Programs and Courses

Questions? Contact Rebecca or Jill.

Information and Requirements

Driver education promotes and teaches safe driving attitudes, defensive driving skills, and respect for the rules of the road. It prepares students for the Registry of Motor Vehicles license exam; and it strives to prevent or reduce accidents and fatalities that involve young drivers.

Driver Education Age Requirement



  • 15 years, 9 months: Students can begin classroom instruction
  • 16 years: Legal age to operate with a Learner’s Permit.
  • 16 1/2 years: Legal age (to the day) to be licensed with a Driver Education Certificate.
  • 18 years: Legal age (to the day) to be licensed without a Driver Education Certificate.



Complete Drivers Education Course


For students under 18 years old, this course fulfills the RMV’s requirements for junior operators to obtain a Driver Education Certificate and become eligible to take a road test and receive a license.


Driver Education at Concord-Carlisle High School includes:

  • 30 classroom hours,
  • 12 hours of behind-the-wheel instruction, and
  • 6 hours of on-the-road observation.
  • 2 hour parent/guardian class, attended by at least one parent (certificate valid for 5 years).

Parents/guardians are responsible for an additional 40+ hours of on-the-road practice. It is recommended that you complete the program within one year. The RMV requires you to complete the program within two years.



Classroom Instruction



  • All classes must be completed and no more than 3 can be missed during the session.
  • The student must attend the class s/he has signed up for. The student may make up a missed class in another class. The make-up class must cover the same material as the missed class (there are 15 modules).
  • Students must attend at least the first classroom session and have a Learners Permit before taking a driving session.
  • Students are required to complete a final exam (100 questions, multiple choice and fill-in) with a minimum grade of 80% to pass the course.
  • Students must obtain the RMV Driver Manual– online or at a RMV office ($5) or the Community Education office ($4).


Driving Instruction



  • 12 hours of behind-the-wheel instruction and at least 6 hours of observation is required. Initially, you are encouraged to find a partner and schedule 2-hour lessons, which will include one hour of observation and one hour of behind-the-wheel instruction for each of them. The remaining 6 hours of behind-the-wheel instruction can be arranged in 1- or 2-hour sessions.
  • You will be picked up and dropped off at CCHS by the Dining Commons.
  • You must wear proper footwear for driving. Shoes with high heels or open heels such as flip-flops or clogs are not permitted.
  • Please be prompt! The instructor will wait 10 minutes after the appointed time. After that time, the you are considered a “no-show” and will be charged.
  • You must have your Learner’s Permit with your or the driving will be cancelled and you will be charged.
  • The missed-lesson/late cancellation fee is $52 per hour weekdays, $62.50 weekends/holidays.
  • The school reserves the right to cancel a driving lesson. In such a case, the students will not be charged. (If there is inclement weather, the parents, student, and teacher will consult and decide if a lesson is unwise.)


Making a Driving Appointment


You may make a 1- or 2-hour appointment. We can assist in finding a partner for observations.

Visit Schedule2Drive to sign up for appointments. You will sign in with your permit number and date of birth.

Email Rebecca or Jill, stop by the office, or call us at 978-318-1432. (We are across from the vending machines in Dining Commons at CCHS.)



Driving Appointment Cancellation Policy


Driving Appointment Cancellation Policy: If, for any reason, you are unable to make a driving appointment, you may contact another student to substitute. If you must cancel, cancellation must be before 1 PM the weekday before the driving or, in the case of weekend or Monday appointments, 1 PM Friday. Failure to cancel on time results in a fee of $52 ($62.50) per hour with both drivers charged. 

Observation Hours: Students must complete 6 (minimum) hours of observation with partner.

  • When you are observing, you are paying attention to what is happening.
  • Per RMV regulation, you must have your Learner’s Permit with you for Observation hours as well.
  • No sleeping, texting, phone calls, homework or headphones.



Your Yellow driving card and White classroom card


The yellow and white cards are your “passport” to Driver’s Ed. Bring them with you to every class and every drive; you and your teacher exchange signatures to record work that you have completed. When you obtain your Learner Permit, fill in the Permit number on your yellow card. When your yellow driving card and white classroom card are complete, give them to your instructor or the Community Ed office for processing to the Registry (your $15 RMV processing fee is included in your original course fee). About one week after completion of Driver Education training, and when you have had your violation-free Learner Permit for at least 6 months, you can contact the RMV to schedule a Driving Test for your JOL license or contact us about a weekend test option.




Getting a Permit


See the Drivers Manual. Various study apps are available on the Internet. Students with an IEP may request additional time for the Learner Permit quiz, a touch-screen set of 25 questions at the RMV.





Junior Operator’s License (JOL)

Special restrictions and consequences for young drivers. The purpose is to slow down inexperienced drivers and decrease fatalities in this age group. See your Manual or JOL restrictions include:




  • Cannot drive between the hours of 12:30 AM and 5 AM unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  • Cannot drive with passengers other than family members for the first 6 months after getting your license.

Graduated Licensing Timeline: at least…

  • Age 16 – Read manual and take permit test at the RMV.
  • Age 16-1/2 or 6 months after getting your Learner’s Permit – You can get your license if you have completed driver’s education.
  • Age 17 or 6 months after getting a license – can begin driving with passengers other than family members.
  • Age18– end of JOL.