Chamber Music Ensemble Program

IMSCC offers an exciting opportunity for students to explore the art of ensemble playing.

Chamber music (small ensembles) provides a rich learning experience. By playing with a small group, students will learn listening skills, develop better intonation and reading skills, and begin to learn the fundamental musical art of playing with other musicians. Many aspiring young musicians also discover a new excitement about music through working in a small ensemble environment. Each ensemble will have weekly coaching sessions with an IMSCC faculty member and will have an opportunity to perform at the end of the session. Two chamber music sessions are offered each year, Fall and Winter/Spring.

Who is this program for?

This new program is open to all students who have been playing for at least a year and are committed to serious study of music and of their instrument. Students who participate in a Chamber Music ensemble must be:

Participating in school ensemble (band, orchestra, chorus)
Studying privately, either through IMSCC or elsewhere
Willing and able to attend all scheduled group practices

How does it work?

Ensembles will be formed according to compatible instruments and abilities, teacher availability, and space availability. Teacher/coaches will work directly with parents and students to work out rehearsal schedules. Groups will meet for twelve weeks and will have an opportunity to perform at the end of the session.

Tuition rates are based on twelve 60-minute coaching sessions:

  • $400 per student for groups of 2 students
  • $330 per student for groups of 3 students
  • $285 per student for groups of 4 students
  • $245 per student for groups of 5 students
  • $215 per student for groups of 6 students

How do I learn if there is an ensemble grouping that is right for my child?

If you are interested in enrolling in a chamber music group, please complete and mail or fax the Chamber Music Questionnaire. We will make every effort to accommodate your requests.

Please note: IMSCC will try to find a suitable group for every interested student, but students and parents must understand that this may not always be possible. We will take great care to set up only those groups that are well matched, to ensure that each student will have a satisfying musical experience.

Group Classes

Please check back this winter for a listing of Summer 2019 Classes, Workshops and Ensembles