All driving lessons are canceled through May 4th. Check our registration page or see the announcement below for online classes. For new music lesson inquiries, click here. We appreciate your understanding. Please reach out to us with any questions or concerns.

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Concord Carlisle High School
500 Walden Street, Concord MA 01742

Access: park in the lot as you approach the high school. Enter at ground level, door C17. The Adult & Community Education office is located on the bottom level on the east side in the cafeteria; there are signs throughout the building to direct you. We look forward to seeing you!



L-R: Stefanie Cloutier, Debbie Levine, Jill Weintraub, Kristen Herbert, Rebecca Gurley

Jill Weintraub
978-318-1400 x7123

Stefanie Cloutier

Continuing Education & Enrichment Coordinator

978-318-1400 x7523

Rebecca Gurley

Driver Education Coordinator

978-318-1400 x7124

Debbie Levine
IMSCC Coordinator
978-318-1400 x7653