Driver’s Education FAQs

What is included in Driver's Education?

30 hours of Classroom Instruction (must be at least 15 years, 9 months of age)
12 hours Behind the Wheel Instruction
6 hours of In Car Observation time
2 hour Parent/Guardian Class, attended by at least one parent (certificate valid for 5 years)

How old must do I have to be to take Drivers Education?
15 years 9 months
Do I need a learner’s permit before I start Drivers Education?
No. However, you must have your permit in hand for all in-car driving lessons.
How do I register for driver education?

We have three convenient ways to register:

  • Register online at, or
  • In person at CCHS, 500 Walden St in Concord. Our office is located by Dining Commons, or
  • Call the Adult & Community Education (ACE) office at 978-318-1432.
Where can I get a Drivers Manual?

You can get a manual at the CC ACE office ($4) or from any RMV location ($5). You can also download the manual at

When can I get my learner's permit?

Once you are 16 years old. Bring your birth certificate and social security card with you to the RMV.

When can I take in-car driving lessons?

Once you have your learner’s permit and have completed at least Module 1 of the Drivers Education class, you can begin scheduling appointments.  We offer appointments during the day, after school, evenings and on weekends.

How do I make driving appointments?

You can schedule appointments in person, by emailing Jill ( or Rebecca (, or by calling the office. Let us know if you still have observations to do, do you have a partner, and when are you usually available for lessons.

How many future appointments may I have at any time?

We recommend that you have no more than 3 pending appointments scheduled at a time. Lessons are every 3rd day at most, so that you and a parent or other adult can practice the skills covered in the lessons.

Where should I meet the driver education car?

We will be waiting at the curb by the Dining Commons. Please be prompt and look for the car with our marking.

Do I need my yellow card and learner’s permit for my driving lesson?

Always! You must have your passport cards and your permit with you. If you lose your learner’s permit, you will need to go to the RMV for a replacement. You won’t be re-tested, but you will need an ID, your social security number, and a $15 check to the RMV.

What if I miss a class?

You need to make up the actual class missed (Module 1-15), as each class covers a distinct curriculum so contact the office to arrange this.

What if I miss a driving appointment?

If, for any reason, you cannot keep an appointment, you must notify the office by 1:00 pm on the previous business day for cancellation. For weekend lessons, cancellations must by made by 1:00 pm on Friday. Too late to call? Try anyway and we may get the message in time! A student will be charged a $52 cancellation fee on weekdays and a $62.50 cancellation fee on weekends/holidays for the following reasons (if sufficient notice is not given): · If they are more than 10 minutes late for their driving lesson · If they do not appear for a scheduled lesson · If student does not have their original permit, glasses/contacts in their possession. CC ACE reserves the right to cancel a driving lesson. In such cases, the students will not be charged. If there is inclement weather, the parents, students, and teachers will consult to decide if a lesson is wise.

*If you are absent from school, you still need to call the office to cancel your appointment.

What should I do if an issue occurs and I can’t cancel my appointment by the deadline?

If possible, find someone to take your place. That student can inform the teacher that s/he is taking your place. When in doubt, always call the office.

How long do I have to complete Drivers Education?

You have two years, according to the RMV. We encourage you to complete the coursework and driving requirements in one year.

What should I do when my yellow and white cards are complete?

Bring them to the CC ACE office. We will send you a letter of completion with instructions about the road test. We will also send your completion documentation and $15 fee (paid at the time of registration) to the RMV. When your completion has been recorded at the RMV, you can make an appointment for a road test.

How do I get a driver education certificate?

Once you complete all of the requirements of the driver education program, we will inform the RMV the program has been completed. The RMV will then issue a driver education certificate (no longer mailed out) which can be located on their website,

When can I get my license?

You must have your permit for six months without any infractions, meet all the requirements for driver education, have a Driver Education Certificate processed by the RMV, and pass a road test.

How do I schedule a road test?

Road tests may be scheduled once the driver education certificate is issued. Visit to schedule your test online.

Can I use the Drivers Ed car for my road test?

Yes. There is an additional fee of $100 for one of our instructors to take you in an approved car for your road test. Contact the office as soon as your road test is booked to arrange this.

What about insurance?

You are covered by the adult when you drive with your learners permit. You must call your agent when you earn your lice and before you drive alone to be included on your family’s policy.

What fees are charged by the RMV?
  • Permit test $30
  • Driver education certificate $15
  • Road test appointment $35
  • Driver’s license $50
Instructors and staff

Our instructors are Julie Beyer, Mary Boyle, Janice Crain, Kevin Flannery, Rebecca Gurley, Maricela Higgins, Donna Kenney, Peter Mathiasen, Carol McCoy, and Theresa Rose. Rebecca Gurley is our Driver Education Coordinator and Jill Asser is the Director of Adult & Continuing Education. For assistance with scheduling driving lessons or general questions, see Rebecca or Jill in the ACE office in the Dining Commons at CCHS.

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