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real ID

What is REAL ID??

We are working with the RMV and our Driver Education students to understand what the implication are of REAL ID for you.

Did you get your permit before March 26, 2018 are just recently took or are about to take your road test?  Bummer alert!

If your permit issue date is before March 26, 2018, the state now requires you to verify your ‘lawful presence’ or U.S. citizenship for the Real ID. That means you must go to the RMV with proper documentation and prove you are you.

Proper documents include:

  • Your Social Security card or W-2 or Pay stub with your SSN
  • S. Passport or Certified U.S. birth certificate or Certificate of Citizenship/Naturalization or Permanent Resident Card
  • Two forms of proof Massachusetts residency (if you are under 18, your parent’s proof of residency.)

Make sure all your documents are original, not photocopies.  You need to do this before you take your Road Test.  If you don’t your new license will not be a license until you do!

For more answers, click here to visit the MA Registry of Motor Vehicles site.

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