Village University Fall 2021 is open!

High Impact Issues in the Supreme Court will take place at Newbury Court.
All other Village University classes will meet online using Zoom.
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Join us on October 7th for a special tribute lecture to honor the memory of Benson Saler. 

Benson Saler, a longtime Village University instructor, passed away this past winter. For 10 years after his retirement, Benson taught a number of classes for our community. To honor his memory, and to share the gifts that Village University offers with our community, his wife Joyce would like to host a lecture in his memory. This year we are fortunate to hear from Larry Brink who will share his background and work, as well as give you a preview of his upcoming course. 
More details coming soon. 


High Impact Issues in the Supreme Court – 2021 Cases with Bill Cotter
Former President Donald Trump added three conservative Justices to the Supreme Court who might serve until 2050 (or beyond). In the introductory lecture, Bill will explore their likely impact on the law. We will then discuss leading cases decided last term. These concern: voting restrictions; Obamacare; Fourth Amendment Sanctity of the home; LGBTQ adoptions and freedom of religion; tribal law; compensation for collegiate athletes; student free speech; guard immunity for prisoner abuse; union campaigns on private property; and money damages for Muslims who were wrongly put on the no-fly list after 9-11. There are required readings and vigorous and respectful discussion is encouraged. All the cases are new and prior participants are most welcome.
4 Mondays, September 27th – October 18th, 10 am – 12 pm

Around the Art World in 80 Days with Steven Kendall

Forget the pandemic. Hop on board your private Air C-C flight for the fun, educational vacation you may not be ready to embark on right now. We’ll Zoom you from Boston to New Zealand, with stops in London, Amsterdam, Paris, Madrid, Florence, Saint Petersburg, Buenos Aires, Chicago and New York before arriving home ten weeks later. Each week you’ll visit one of the world’s greatest art museums. You’ll see the museum, learn about its history and, most of all, see and discuss its greatest art. Experience masterpieces from 1400 to today, genres from Realism to Contemporary, and venues from a former Parisian train station turned art palace to a mind-boggling seaside sculpture park in New Zealand. Whether you love art or want to learn more about art, grab a glass of wine, fasten your seat belt and settle in for a flight around the art world.
10 Tuesdays, September 21st – November 23rd, 10 – 11:45 am

Not Just Your “Hallelujah Chorus”: Great Choral Works From Four Centuries with Keith Daniel*

Choral singing is one of the deepest joys of humanity, and something we have done since we learned to talk. We will focus on seminal choral works from Monteverdi to now, examining oratorio, Mass, opera choruses, symphonic works with chorus, and smaller choral pieces. This is a listening course, and no prior knowledge of music is necessary, just a love of great choral works.
12 Wednesdays, September 22nd – December 15th, 11 am-12 pm

The Buddha’s Teachings on Social and Communal Harmony with Tony Fairbank

Using Bhikkhu Bodhi’s book of the same name, we will examine the Buddha’s teachings on matters ranging from conflict resolution to the forging of harmonious relationships within and among societies. The selections, all drawn from the Pāli Canon, the earliest record of the Buddha’s discourses, are organized into ten thematic chapters, which treat such topics as anger, good friendship, intentional communities, the settlement of disputes, and establishing an equitable society. For details, see Whether 2500 years ago or the present day, humans create conflict, and yet hope for peace. This concise, yet rich volume offers much to discuss and reflect on, and provides a wealth of ideas (and practices) to consider as we all move forward in these, our own challenging times.
6 Wednesdays, September 29th – November 3rd, 1-2:30 pm

Photography Through an Artistic Lens with Larry Brink

What distinguishes a snapshot from a fine art photograph? How do intent, point-of-view or composition impact the power and meaning of a photograph? By focusing on the “art of photography,” this 5-week course examines how artists employ photography to creatively express ideas, messages and emotions. The 1st class will introduce you to 50 noteworthy photographs. Then, in sessions that follow, several guest photographers will share their work. During each class, we’ll utilize the language of photography as a tool for discussion and learning. While we won’t concentrate on technique per se, we will touch on cameras, digital features, printing and the like. Since all of us take photos — in one form or another — a richer understanding of the medium and creative methods should be valuable to everyone. At the last session, you’ll have the option to share your own photography with the class. You need not be a “photographer” to enjoy and benefit from the content of this course.
5 Thursdays, October 14th – November 18th, 1-2:30 pm

The Village University, established in 2003, was inspired by Elliot and Alma Ring, and offers courses for mature learners who are seeking stimulating study and conversation about interesting topics. The courses are taught by academics, scholars, and educational leaders who volunteer to share their knowledge and inspire others. The volunteer instructors bring the best university-level learning experiences to Concord and Carlisle. Our dedicated coordinators include Nancy Cronin, Gini Goulet, Ellie Gower, Nancy Hendrie, Bill Koenigsberg, Carol Murphree, Murray Nicolson, Meryl Schwartz, Alma Ring, Phil Stark, Rosalie Weiss, and Win Wilbur.

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