A new course: Stress-Proof Yourself: Emotional First Aid and Beyond

We are thrilled to offer a new course with Louisa Mattson this fall entitled Stress-Proof Yourself: Emotional First Aid and Beyond.

In this two hour workshop on Thursday, October 11th from 7-9 pm, we will help you learn some on-the-spot ways to relieve stress.

To shift yourself out of a bad mood or the blahs, and feel more energized and motivated? Energy Medicine empowers you to stop your stress reaction in its tracks. In this class, you will learn quick and powerful techniques to take charge of anxiety and overwhelm, anger and negativity, sadness and depression. Not only can you feel better in the moment, but using these exercises consistently over time reprograms your nervous system for greater ease and resilience. You will learn the WHY and HOW of eight empowering practices, and leave with a handout of techniques to put into action right away.

Click here to here our “A Taste of Community Ed” CCTV interview with Louisa.

Louisa Mattson is an Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner as well as a psychologist holding a Diplomate in Comprehensive Energy Psychology.

She has studied a variety of energy healing and energy psychology modalities through the years and continues to be fascinated by the power of energy medicine to impact our health, happiness, vitality and resilience. In her work and career she has been a catalyst at the intersection of body/mind/spirit—as a psychotherapist specializing in psychospiritual development, a career management consultant working with senior executives in career/life transition, and an energy medicine practitioner.

Visit her website at www.concordenergyhealing.com.

Register now to join us for this one-of-a-kind workshop on October 11th or call 978-318-1432.

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