The “Can We Talk” series began in 2016. This ongoing series is designed to engender productive and respectful discourse here in Concord. The goal is to create opportunities for the community to come together to discuss and learn from what is happening around us.

Since 2016, the CCACE Advisory Committee has promoted and hosted three community forums: Fake News: The Changing Landscape of Journalism in the 21st Century, Conversations in a Civil Society-Agreeing to Disagree, The Defamation Experience, and Unconscious Bias: Interrupting the Cycle.

CCACE covers the cost of bringing these talks to the community. We charge a fee to help defray these costs. If you would like, you may make a donation to help cover future “Can We Talk programs”.

October 2021: 

Building Community through Local Media

Thursday, October 21st: Dan Kennedy, Keynote
Thursday, October 28th: We will reconvene for a panel discussion:
Moderator: Elizabeth Ballantine
Panelist: Elena Eberwein
Panelist: Dan Kennedy
Panelist: David Ropeik

On the first night, Beat the Press’s Dan Kennedy will talk about the changing economics of the news business, including why local news and reporting is important as a counter-weight to national news and mass/social media, future models for local news – how they flourish and survive – and where we get our information. We will look at how local news promotes civic engagement and trust, brings people together, and what we as residents of communities can do to improve communication between those who don’t necessarily agree.

The following week the panel, led by The Durango Herald co-owner and former reporter Elizabeth Ballantine, will dive into the particulars of what is happening with news and social media in Concord and other communities. Plans for a new online news”paper” for Concord will be unveiled. Panelists will discuss why we need our local news, how to keep it financially viable while remaining independent, and ways for us to communicate and listen to each other.

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