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Covid-19 Procedure for in-car learning

Before each lesson, the car will be cleaned and sanitized using 70% alcohol. After cleaning, the instructor will use safe methods to remove their gloves and utilize hand sanitizer (minimum of 60% alcohol) to clean their hands.

Students will be asked screening questions before each lesson if they have any of the symptoms from the CDC’s list of possible symptoms.

Students will be asked to use hand sanitizer (provided in the cars) before their lesson.

The student and instructor will be required to wear masks at all times.

Windows will remain cracked open to promote air circulation.

In-car observation hours 

  • The requirement for junior operators to complete six hours observing another student driver will revert back to driving schools and must be completed as part of the driver’s education curriculum – as of May 29, 2021.
  • What does this mean?

    • If the learner’s permit was issued BEFORE May 29, 2021, the student may continue to complete their observation driving hour requirement with the Parent/Guardian Affidavit, or observation driving hours may be completed with a licensed instructor in the driving school vehicle.
    • If a learner’s permit is issued ON or AFTER May 29, 2021ALL observation driving hours must be completed with a licensed instructor in the driving school vehicle. The Parent/Guardian Affidavit form will no longer apply to these students. Students will again be allowed to sit in the vehicle to observe another student and complete their observation driving hours.

Students completing observation hours with a parent, click here for the pdf to attest this has been completed. Please send this to Rebecca or Jill.