We encourage families and instructors to discuss your plan for lessons prior to the start to ensure that everyone feels comfortable with the plan. 
For wind players and singers, whether indoors or out:
  • 10 feet of distance between teacher and student, whether indoors or out
  • teachers and students (except flutes) are required to wear masks if possible – for winds, the kind designed for wind players with a small hole for your mouthpiece; singers must wear standard Covid masks 
  • teachers and students (except flutes) are required to use wind instrument bell covers (these can be purchased or improvised with a piece of fabric)
  • flute teachers and students are required to use a flute shield designed for Covid, no mask when playing
  • indoor lessons will be given in classrooms and larger spaces, not in small practice rooms
For non-wind instruments:
  • masks must be worn at all times
  • 6 feet of distance
  • keyboards to be cleaned between uses
  • indoor lessons will be given in classrooms and larger spaces, not in small practice rooms
If you test positive for COVID-19:
Most people who test positive and have a relatively mild illness will need to stay in self-isolation for at least 10 days, which would mean any in-person lessons are canceled. If you are able to and both you and your teacher agree, you may switch back to remote lessons during the time you are sick.
People who test positive can resume public activities after 10 days and once they have:
  • gone for 3 days without a fever (and without taking fever-reducing medications like Tylenol or Ibuprofen); and
  • experienced improvement in other symptoms (for example, their cough has gotten much better); and
  • received clearance from public health authority contact tracers (the local board of health or Community Tracing Collaborative).
Repeat testing prior to return is not recommended. Return to school should be based on time and symptom resolution.
Please note: the School Districts’ policies for out of state travel will apply to our summer programs as well.
All students who travel must provide a negative PCR test after returning to Massachusetts. Antigen and pool tests will not be accepted.  We will accept a rapid molecular ID NOW test.  This does not apply to travel out of state for less than 24 hours.
If a student has had COVID within the last 90 days then a PCR test is not required but proof of the positive test may be required. If a child were COVID positive more than 90 days prior to travel, the PCR test is required upon return to Massachusetts.
If a student is fully vaccinated (14 days post-second shot of vaccine), a PCR test is not required. The schools require proof of vaccination be provided for any child that has traveled.