All afterschool and evening in-person activities are cancelled for Wednesday. Your IMSCC instructor may opt to offer remote lessons instead.

Fall classes are starting!

Fall Adult Education classes are starting!

Many of your favorites are back and we are thrilled to share new offerings with new teachers!

New & Notable Classes

  • Sharpen Your Internet Skills
  • Microsoft Excel for Beginners
  • I Took Photos on My iPhone: Now What??
  • Welcome the Season Door Baskets
  • Autumn’s Arrived Signature Arrangement
  • Stress-Proof Yourself: Emotional First Aid & Beyond
  • Gathering Places
  • Concord Fall Walks
  • Bollywood Fitness
  • Problem-solving Your Problem Animal
  • How to Survive Downsizing
  • Music Theory
  • The New Tax Law
  • Building a Strong Financial Foundation
  • Understanding Cryptoassets, Blockchain, & “Bitcoin Fever”
  • Talking and Walking Transcendentally
  • The Five Invitations: Discovering What Death Can Teach Us About Living Fully
  • Unstuck: Express yourself
  • Attitudes for Success
  • Bridge for Beginners
  • Intro to Contra Dancing

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