Debbie Toppan

Meet our new Adult Ed instructors! Debbie Toppan

Meet our new Adult Ed instructors!

Debbie Toppan is a life-long resident of the area. She loves to travel and finds traveling solo a great way to “follow the dream”. She finds her eBay experience a great way to build her travel coffers! She is very enthusiastic about both, and enjoys the opportunity to share her experiences with others.

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Selling on eBay
Curious about how to sell your treasures on eBay, the largest online auction? Come learn how to sell on eBay! Before you come to class, set up an account on and Bring an item you want to sell. You can take the pictures of your items to sell with either smart phone (recommended) or camera. Bring one or both to use for your picture. Bring your laptop also. The first week we will list the item you bring to class on eBay. The second class we will discuss your eBay success stories and review any things you experienced selling on eBay. Debbie has a long history of selling on eBay, as well as extensive sales history with major corporations.
Register now for this workshop on April 22nd & May 6th from 7-8:30 pm

Traveling Solo & Loving It
Love to travel, but don’t have a traveling companion? Don’t let that stop you! Learn some tricks about the great fun of traveling solo. A seasoned traveler shares what she has learned about this way to travel! We’ll cover planning your trip, where to go and where to stay. You’ll discover what to do when you arrive and how to meet people along the way through websites like and
Register now for this workshop on April 24th from 7-8:30 pm

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