Debra Rosenblum

Meet our new Adult Ed instructors! Debra Rosenblum

Meet our new Adult Ed instructors!

Debra Rosenblum was a public-school teacher for over 20 years. She has a Master’s Degree in Education from Lesley University and Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies in Creative and Expressive Arts from Salva Regina University. She is an Interfaith Minister, certified spiritual director, and holds certifications as a yoga teacher, meditation teacher and spiritual director.

She will be offering two new courses this Winter:

Drawing from the Heart
This 6-week expressive art class emphasizes the artistic process as a way to express and release stress. We will use a three-step process called ART. First, we will access our inner feelings by visualizing them as images. Then we will release feelings through our art work and use a transformational image to empower us to change. We use the drawing as a lens to delve into the inner wisdom hidden in the images. These images can offer us a way to release tension, gain insights, make decisions and make lasting changes in our lives. You may find this process deeply satisfying, energizing and healing. The images are personal and creative. The class does not require any special artistic skill or previous art experience. Please bring a 9×12 or 11×14 drawing pad to each class session. Colored Pencils, crayons and pastels will be provided.
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Planning an Interfaith Wedding
When you imagine your interfaith wedding ceremony do you ask yourself where do you start? You might be feeling overwhelmed by input from family, friends and the media. You might ask yourself how I can include elements from my family traditions and that of my future partner. In these two sessions, Debra will help you clarify and create your personal outline for your interfaith wedding ceremony that speaks to your heart, honors family tradition and gives you a chance to define your relationship and publicly express your love. Besides saying a version of “I do” there are many elements that can come together to honor you and your partner as individuals, a couple and members of an extended family that dates back generations. Debra will give you a framework for the ceremony, and guide you in selecting elements that will make your wedding a day a joyful and memorable experience.
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