Concord-Carlisle Instrumental Music School Lessons

Lessons are open to students of all ages including adults; lessons are one-on-one (one student with a teacher).  We offer two 16-week semesters, Fall & Winter-Spring, and a flexible 10-week Summer semester. For summer lessons you may register for any or all of the 10 weeks in the session.

Tuition & Fees

Tuition is

  • $36.00 per 30-minute lesson ($576 per 16-lesson semester)
  • $53.50 per 45-minute lesson ($856 per 16-lesson semester)
  • $71.00 per 60-minute lesson ($1136 per 16-lesson semester)

There is a registration fee of $15 per semester for the Fall and Winter-Spring sessions; the registration fee is waived for the summer session.

Tuition for the full semester is due prior to the first lesson.

Payment plans are available on request and we also offer financial assistance to those in need.

Click here to apply for financial assistance.

Register for Music Lessons

Enrollment is open for the Summer 2023 session; Fall enrollment begins June 5.

For the summer session: All students, new and returning, click here to submit a lesson inquiry to begin the enrollment process.

For lessons during the school year: New students: Click here to submit a lesson inquiry to begin the enrollment process; Returning students will be automatically pre-enrolled in Fall and Winter-Spring semesters and will receive an invoice. Payment is all that is required to complete the registration.

New for Fall 2023: IMSCC is offering after-school, same-instrument, small-group lessons for 4th- and 5th-grade musicians, which complement the in-school ensemble programs. Click here for details and to register for small group lessons. Private or small group lessons are recommended but not required for our beginners.

IMSCC Session Dates & Calendars

Session dates for IMSCC lessons:

Winter/Spring session 2023: 16 lessons starting January 23
Please note: when 16 lessons are completed before the end of the Fall session, Winter/Spring lessons may start before January 23. Please check with the instructor for details.

Summer session 2023: 10 weeks June 20 to August 25; families can sign up for lessons during any or all of the 10 weeks of the summer session.

Lessons during the school year follow the Concord and Carlisle public school calendars. Unless arrangements are made with the instructor, lessons will not take place on school holidays or vacation weeks.

Concord and Concord-Carlisle 2022-23 calendar

Carlisle Schools 2022-23 calendar

Music Lesson Locations

Music lessons locations:

Concord-Carlisle High School (500 Walden Street, Concord)

Carlisle School (83 School Street, Carlisle Center)

The IMSCC office is located at Concord-Carlisle High School, Room  139

School Music Departments Links

Check out the resources below to learn more about our music and instrumental program:

Instruments available for study:

violin, viola, cello, bass, flute, oboe, clarinet, bass clarinet, bassoon, saxophone, trumpet, French horn, trombone, baritone horn, euphonium, tuba, percussion, piano, jazz piano, electric and acoustic guitar, electric and upright bass, banjo, ukulele, traditional fiddling, and voice.

Faculty (listed by instrument)

Please go to the Faculty page for bios and more information.


  • Max Schwartz

Baritone Horn

  • Brian Diehl
  • Alexei Doohovskoy
  • Chip Halt

Electric Bass

  • Max Schwartz
  • Jason Yost

String Bass

  • Max Schwartz


  • Rachel Juszczak


  • Rob Bethel
  • Zarina Irkaeva


  • Debbie Levine
  • Lori Syngajewski
  • Kenneth Toland

Bass Clarinet

  • Debbie Levine
  • Lori Syngajewski
  • Kenneth Toland


  • Brian Diehl
  • Alexei Doohovskoy
  • Chip Halt


  • Keith Anderson
  • Soo Choi
  • Susan Jackson
  • Deanna Johnson

French Horn

  • Jeremy Ronkin

Acoustic Guitar

  • Jason Yost

Electric Guitar

  • Jason Yost


  • Henry Tervo


  • George Darrah
  • Timur Rubinshteyn


  • Deanna Johnson
  • Yerim Kang
  • Eva Ostrovsky Kaminsky
  • Jae Eun Park
  • Jean Pulsifer
  • Jeremy Ronkin

Jazz Piano

  • Max Schwarz


  • Jon Amon
  • Scott Chamberlin
  • Sissie Siu Cohen
  • Andrei Sobchenko
  • Louis Stamas


  • Brian Diehl
  • Alexei Doohovskoy


  • Elizabeth Jewell
  • Ryan Noe
  • Matthew Small
  • Andrew Sorg


  • Chip Halt


  • Jason Yost


  • Sargis Karapetyan


  • Sargis Karapetyan

Violin – Traditional Fiddling

  • Max Schwarz


  • Lucas Coura
  • Laryssa Doohovoskoy