New classes: Viva Opera! & Biblical Narrative

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Biblical Narrative with Dale Landis
We may be familiar with these stories from childhood retellings, the movies, or everyday phrases. But the original biblical stories are great literature: generally very compact in form, they engage the reader, include complex characters, and convey deep meanings. This course will begin with a general discussion of narrative: types (such as history, myth, epic), uses (such as cultural identity and narrative therapy), and critical approaches. We will then discuss individual stories from the Hebrew Bible (from the patriarchs to David to Ruth and Jonah) and the New Testament (such as the parables of Jesus). Study will be made of:
  • historical and cultural background
  • language and translation issues
  • classification and technique
  • religious and moral meaning
  • reflections in art, literature, and popular culture
Along the way, we will also see how these stories are embedded in one great “meta-narrative” in which God relates to humans in love, guidance, rebellion, and reconciliation.
6 Wednesdays, May 6th – June 10th, 10-11:30 am
Viva Opera! with Andy Papas
Whether you’re an opera aficionado, or a wannabe prima donna, this is your gateway to the world of divas, drama, and dazzling musical theatrics. Each session focuses on a specific Italian opera and composer, explores the famous arias and vocalists, and highlights the musical idiosyncrasies that define the piece. Discussions about plot points, characters, and themes will allow participants to “take the stage”, and gain an understanding of what makes each opera a masterpiece. The course is led by a classically trained professional opera singer, who will regale the class with tales from backstage, offering a real life glimpse into the world of opera.
6 Thursdays, May 7th – June 11th, 2-3:30 pm

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