We have a variety of college & test prep classes starting soon!

SAT Practice Test on March 2nd
This full-length practice test is being offered in order to afford students the opportunity to sit for a low-stakes test in a simulated environment. In addition to the valuable practice, students will receive score reports that will help them to make a well-informed decision as to whether the SAT or the ACT is a better fit for them.

Please note that this test is administered with standard timing. Any students who qualify for accommodations, including extended time, should contact Open Door Education directly to schedule discuss options for a practice test.

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Giving Your College Bound Student-Athlete a Competitive Advantage on March 7th
Student-Athletes are over four times more likely to be accepted to college than non-athletes. But fewer than one in ten will play their sport at the varsity level in college. This course will not only help you put your daughter or son on the path to play their sport in college but could also help them leverage their athletic ability to be accepted by an otherwise out-of-reach college.

We’ll cover recruiting and process timelines, terminology, the differences between NCAA divisions and their impact on students’ college life, as well as how to identify traits coaches are looking for in a prospect, how to get noticed by coaches, and how to end up on a “list” of recruits that a coach reviews with an Admissions Director.
You’ll get specific academic and athletic action steps for each year of high school, followed by a review of a proprietary process that each student-athlete can use to quantify and rank colleges, culminating in an action plan to target your specific colleges and coaches.

This process can take from 18-24 months, making it important to start early. Both you and your student-athlete have already invested a substantial amount of time and money into your child’s sport. Leveraging your child’s athleticism to aid them in attending the right college is the payoff for all that time and effort.
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