We have TWO speakers for you on February 10th!

With the cold months here and the pandemic still keeping us inside, we want to keep you engaged! Our presenters are community members sharing their passions and knowledge, from historical to cultural, education to entertainment, and everything in between!

The series will run Wednesday evenings at 7 pm on Zoom, unless otherwise noted.


Fun with Reptiles! with Priscilla Clark

What makes reptiles the best pets ever??!! Well, on the practical side, they don’t cost much to buy or keep. You don’t need to walk them, board them or worry about expensive vet bills. But those of us who are passionate herpers just find them fascinating. Come meet my menagerie: Mango, the blue tongue skink, Poppy, the spiny tail lizard, Miss Piggy, the western hognose snake and Pretty Boy, the corn snake. I’ll tell you a little about them while they “perform” for the camera, but mostly just answer your questions. For children – and adults! – of all ages.

Wednesday, February 10th at 4 pm*


The Healing Power of Qigong with Steven Cardoza

The Chinese health-building practice of qigong has an unbroken history spanning thousands of years. In today’s presentation you will learn exactly what it is, its many styles and variations, and how it can improve every aspect of your being. By regulating your body, breath, and mind, you gain the ability to harness your qi (life energy) in specific ways, providing benefits ranging from reduced stress, more energy, healing, and well-being, through healthy longevity and spiritual cultivation. For a preview, please visit Steven’s website for links to videos and vlogs: www.healingdragon.org

Wednesday, February 10th at 7 pm


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